Sy Syms said “An educated consumer is our best customer”. Very true words. When I go thrifting, I always try to check websites beforehand to see if they have sales posted. If not, as soon as I walk in, I ask what the sales are for the day and in my favorite shops, what day and time they restock. Some have seasonal sales and even clearance racks. And the never go wrong “fill a bag” sales which are starting to gain popularity. Also, if you find an item that you think is excessively priced, no harm is asking the manager if they would lower the price.

I must start with this fantastic thrift shop in Greenwich. It is the Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store and also a favorite of mine.


The first thing that you should do when you walk in is take a flyer; they are always, always having sales. The flyer shown is typical of the sales they have.

Price List

Everything about this store is fantastic – but be prepared to pay extra for this and of course the location. I think this shop in particular has some of the highest prices I have seen in CT — BUT the clothes are always in pristine condition as are most of the items in this shop so there is somewhat of a tradeoff. They do not have a excessive inventory of clothes but what they do have is high quality. And they are ALWAYS having sales so you may luck out. Any item of clothing that I have bought has never been a disappointment.

They have a great household section and I have seen some impressive items up for sale. I just happen to fall in love with these hurricane lamps mainly because the glass was thin and delicate and I had the perfect spot for them. Imagine my surprise to find out when picking up the bottom that they were Waterford. The two cost me $40 but like I said I did fall in love with them and I felt that they were worth the price. I am sure they cost triple what I paid.


The book section is impressive and one of the best I have seen and most days, hardcovers are $2.00 and paperbacks are $1.00 but every single time I have been there the books are half off. The book section is well organized with a phenomenal selection or at least it has been whenever I was there. There are some recent releases. They also carry vinyl records and audio books.

The linen/decor section is nice as well. I have seen some lovely draperies, pillows,comforters in there and the quality is almost always outstanding.

Now for their furniture – good selection but again, like most furniture in thrift shops, it disappears rather quickly and especially here. I have seen some outstanding antiques there. I have also seen dining room tables, chairs, hutches, buffets, you name it and I do not think the prices were unreasonable considering the condition these pieces were in and it is always high quality.

Lastly, the most expensive accessories, designer shoes and handbags and housewares are kept behind the counter and worth a look, I have seen some pretty incredible things back there (not just anything I am willing to sell a kidney for 🙂 just yet.)

Greenwich Auxiliary Thrift Shop
190 Hamilton Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Parking is available on premises
Mon-Fri: 9am-4:30pm
Sat: 9am-3pm

There are a couple more thrift stores in Greenwich that are nice but you should check out the Rummage Room.

rummage room 2

The Rummage Room started as an annual rummage sale in 1964 at the First Congregational Church of Greenwich. The event was so successful it was transformed into a business. The Woman’s Fellowship of the First Congregational Church operates the Rummage Room to help numerous local, national and international charities. This includes Food Bank, Kids In Crisis, Boys and Girls Club, Visiting Nurse, Family Re-Entry, YWCA Domestic Abuse, Liberation Meridian, Bowery Women’s Shelter and so many, many more.

I found the Rummage Room to be delightful and fun to browse around. The prices are in tune for the area and the merchandise is plentiful and they have sales very often. The staff is extraordinary and I get the feeling there may be wiggle room on large items.

The ladies clothes range from average to designer and there is decent men’s section and lots of kids clothes. PLUS 🙂  they have fill a bag sales twice a year!!!

I like the way it is set up as well. There is some vintage is around and it is just generally a fun place to browse and you will always find something there. Plus they have previously won awards for their window displays which are always lovely.

The Rummage Room
191 Sound Beach Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870
Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: 10am-1pm
**JULY – check for summer hours
**August – closed to clean, paint and restock

If you are looking for high end,fancy shmancy, uber elegant 🙂 designer duds — there is a consignment shop in Greenwich called Second Time Around.

It’s a chain of upscale consignment shops that buys lightly used clothing from shoppers and then sells it at 30 to 40 percent off the original retail value. They have 41 locations in 12 states now, including stores in New York, Washington, D.C., and New Hampshire and of course, Greenwich.

Second Time Around
6 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!