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I have to tell you that I envy people who can sew; the thrift shop world is their oyster. I can do minor repairs but hems and sleeves, you do not want to see my handiwork. Finding a tailor that does quality work while not charging an arm and a leg, now that requires research.

One thing to take into consideration is that if you find a suit, dress, jeans, etc. and it is a good bargain or a brand you love, is it worth the price of alterations? That is when having a general idea of your tailor’s prices comes in handy. I have seen many a suit on a rack with tags on them but by the time you have the sleeves tailored and the skirt or pants hemmed, you might find a brand new suit of the same quality with a comparable price at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. So always take alterations into consideration when making a purchase like this.

Since shows where resellers are showcased became so popular, you have quite a few amateur and professional resellers out there. You will notice them with their phones and tablets looking up items and taking pictures of items. I totally understand that everyone has to make a living and I respect that but unfortunately, this is another reason why thrift store prices are going up. Thrift stores are now doing research on their items and charging a higher price. They check eBay, Tradesy, etc. and see what an item is going for and price it accordingly. What does irk me is when a reseller tries to get an item for next to nothing at a CHARITY thrift store to sell for profit. Oh well!

I have found that I get those RARE buys of a lifetime because I just happened to fall in love with an item and is reasonably priced and later on, when researching it out of curiosity; I realize what a score I made. I once bought a unique red vase at a yard sale in CT for $5 (I did not even bargain) only to find out it is a Orrefors vase worth $175. I put some eucalyptus in it and every time I look at it, I smile at my rather spectacular find. 🙂


Now I will get to Goodwill. I love Goodwill, who doesn’t. Goodwill even has a rewards program so make sure you sign up for it. My most favorite Goodwill of all time is in Connecticut but I am not ready to divulge my best kept secret yet. 🙂

The best part of Goodwill is that they help people in need go forward with their lives. They also have an outstanding array of services for veterans. They help people with all types of disabilities gain employment through specialized programs. And if you know me, any organization that helps individuals with developmental, intellectual and other disabilities have a better quality of life, they will hold a special place in my heart now and always.

I will treat each Goodwill store separately as they each have their own distinct personality and specialties in my opinion. And now….drumroll….today, I will tell you all about a particular Goodwill; this one is in New Rochelle.

Goodwill Store and Attended Donation Center

Shoprite Plaza

8 Joyce Road

New Rochelle, NY


Monday-Wednesday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Thursday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Sunday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.



Every week this Goodwill posts a “color” of the week and all items with that color are 50% off. The best thing about this Goodwill is SUNDAY because Sunday is a two color day. They let you purchase items from the previous week’s color AND the new color that is posted on Sunday morning. So on Sunday, you have a greater chance of scoring some great items at an even lower price. Not all Goodwill stores use the color policy.

If I go on Sunday, I usually start in the dress section because this Goodwill fluctuates quite a bit on dress prices leaning to a bit higher than other Goodwill stores – so Sunday is the day I buy dresses. They have men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and quite a selection with most reasonably priced. Their housewares section is very good although occasionally there are some broken items on the shelves so buyers beware – I don’t want anyone getting hurt. They have some good home décor as well and some furniture. Always check the front window display and near the cash register for they tend to “show off” the better quality buys. I like this Goodwill and you will see the resellers there especially in the housewares section.

And don’t forget it is a donation center as well (side door) so clean that closet out with the old so you can bring in the new — you will be helping a worthy cause! 🙂

PSA – you will love me for this one!

I must, must tell you about a sale that will be coming up in September. I know that it is early but it is probably by far the best attic/rummage sale that I have ever been to EVER!

The Irvington Presbyterian Church in Irvington, New York (Westchester County) will have their annual ATTIC SALE OUTREACH on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12. I believe that it begins at 10 am each day but I will of course confirm all the details as it gets closer. It is not a far drive from the city and Irvington is quite a lovely town to visit with lots of history and great restaurants.

The best part of this sale is that since 2000, over $200,00 has been donated to local, regional, national and global organizations, way too many to mention but when I get the flyer, I will post.

This sale is for anyone who loves rummage sales. They have rooms and rooms of clothing, household, antiques, costume jewelry, books, holiday decorations, you name it — It is so unbelievable, they have rooms designated just for women’s, men’s and kid’s clothes. They use the outside with tents for furniture and larger household items.

This sale is so popular that they use the school across the street for parking. I don’t ever remember going to a rummage sale and thinking, I may not get to see everything in a couple of hours. You go from room to room and just keeping finding bargain after bargain. Last year I found a Max Studio dress for $8, a gorgeous vase for $4, a cardigan for $3, too many books to mention. The book selection is the BEST I have ever seen at a sale like this. The pictures do not do the cardigan or dress justice.



I am sure that they have the best SELECTION on Friday but the best prices are on SATURDAY. I went on Saturday afternoon and they were anxious to sell, sell, sell and I was anxious to buy, buy, buy.

So until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!