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Let’s talk to a popular Poshmark seller, Janani Rose! — December 20, 2021

Let’s talk to a popular Poshmark seller, Janani Rose!

I spoke to Janani U, @jananirose, ( a Poshmark seller who has 1200 sales in her 4 years and 345 active listings. Here are some of the things that we talked about:

Tell me about your process so people know what goes into being a Poshmark seller?

One of the great things about Poshmark is that it is a platform set up for anyone, from a seasoned seller to someone just wanting to clear out their own closet. The ease of listing combined with the simplicity of shipping means that you don’t have to be “a reseller” in order to sell on Poshmark. For me as a full-time reseller, I source inventory at thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, etc. I write descriptions for each item and include details that would help a potential buyer get a good understanding of the item, such as the closure (button, zipper, etc.) and if the fabric has stretch. Because sizing varies greatly across brands, I also include measurements for every item. I then take photographs, again trying to capture any details such as embroidery or graphics.

What advice do you have for buyers and sellers on Poshmark?

For buyers, I would say the most helpful thing when buying online is to know your own measurements. Sizing varies and knowing your own numbers will help give you the best idea as to how an item will fit. You can also use a garment you already own, measure that piece, and then use those measurements to compare with an item that you’re interested in. Also, ask questions! Sellers are more than happy to answer questions about the item. For new sellers who are just starting out, there’s no need to buy inventory at stores or yard sales – start with your own closet! Pick a few pieces that you haven’t worn in a while and use those as your first listed items. For new & seasoned sellers, being honest about the condition of the item is important. Buyers understand that if they’re buying a used piece of clothing, it might not be in pristine condition. Just do your best to explain and photograph any and all flaws. Take clear pictures, ship packages promptly, and, if possible, share your closet once a day.

How do you feel sales have been during the pandemic?

Poshmark, and online reselling in general, is one of those businesses where you get from it as much as you put in. For me, my sales ebbed and flowed with my own energy & time spent on the business. I did notice that formal wear, business/office wear, and high heels were not as popular. As people were working from home and not going to fancy functions, clothing became all about comfort.

Any advice you have for first-time shoppers on Poshmark?

Each selling platform has its own rules, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Poshmark using their guide (found here: ) If you’re interested in an item, ask the seller questions if you have any, view all the photos and read through the description There is a “bundle” feature on Poshmark that is great to use – you add items from the same seller to your bundle and you can send one offer on all the items. As long as the bundle weighs less than 5 lbs., you only pay one shipping fee of $7.45; as a bonus, sellers are more likely to offer a higher discount and/or free shipping on bundle orders.

A Fantabulous Village Vogue Boutique in Milford, CT – CLOSED :( — August 25, 2015

A Fantabulous Village Vogue Boutique in Milford, CT – CLOSED :(

I was in Milford, CT visiting family and later on when heading to 95 South – lo and behold —- what do I see on the way but this fabulous display and my car just automatically stopped 🙂 🙂 I came across Village Vogue Boutique in Milford on Main Street at the Village Green and what an absolutely fabulous find this shop turned out to be.

IMG_1113 (1)

I could not believe this place – what a mixture of vintage and modern and they had lots of sales racks – $5 and $10 sales racks with quality merchandise. All I can say is fantabulous!! 🙂


They carry all types of clothing, casual, dressy and vintage. All good quality name brand clothes and some high end designer in there as well. Did I mention that they carry estate jewelry? Their collection is stunning as well as their accessories. Also, they have quite a selection of designer shoes and handbags.


The prices are reasonable for a consignment store and there is just so much to see (and want 🙂 ). They also have a formal dress section that has so many beautiful dresses that you can use for weddings, proms, black tie affairs and oh yes, they even have a few wedding gowns. This store carries a broad range of clothing and in every style imaginable.

The owner was not in the day I was there but the lovely woman that was there (forgive me for not writing her name down) was amazing, kind and patient with all my questions. I love this store because it is an adventure and so much fun going through all five rooms. It’s just so chock full of surprises and full of wonder. I do enjoy it when I find special shops like this!! 🙂


I bought this beautiful black (yes, I know you are shocked 🙂 I picked black) dress with colorful sequins 🙂 and a gorgeous broach and of course I hit the $5.00 rack and found a great long black (:))blouse that will be perfect for the fall.

IMG_1146 (1)

If you are in the Milford area, this is a great shop that I am sure you will do well by. Check out their website for additional information if you are interested in being a consignor —

I definitely plan on another visit soon and this time I will go slowly through the five rooms so I don’t miss a single thing! If you are in the Milford area, this is a must see!!! 🙂

Village Vogue Boutique
163 N. Broad Street
Milford, CT
Tuesday-Friday from 11am-6pm
Saturday from 10am-5pm

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

A Trip To Long Beach Island That Amazes — July 14, 2015

A Trip To Long Beach Island That Amazes

A wonderful friend invited me out to Long Beach Island in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago and it was a spectacular weekend all around – the company was outstanding, the weather cooperated and the food was absolutely delish!   And while there, lo and behold 🙂 to my surprise, I found a thrift/consignment shop 🙂 called Coastal Consignment & Salvage Co. Do not let the name fool you – this shop was so good that I am contemplating another trip there 🙂 even if it is just for a day. Their business card states “An LBI Experience” – and it truly was — the layout of the store, the quality of the merchandise, the pricing, the variety, all well above average. I think the reason for this is that they have very strict guidelines for donating/consigning and it shows in the exceptionally high quality merchandise.

IMG_0980 (1)

They only carry ladies’ clothing and it was all stylish and very much in fashion, the layout of the store was one of the best I have ever seen and the pricing ridiculously reasonable. They had beach themed home decor for sale along with beautiful vases, crystal, porcelain, you name it and all good pieces and high quality. The clothes were very chic and in a wide variety of sizes as were the shoes. All name brands, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Jones New York, Gap, Eileen Fisher too many to mention.There is a good variety of handbags from inexpensive to moderate. The shoe section is on the small side but what they have is AWESOME. They had a nice rack of jeans all sensibly priced. Great accessories as well! They also sell estate jewelry.

IMG_0982 (2)
IMG_0983 (1)

I picked up two pairs Vera Wang pajamas in what looked like new condition for $12 each, a gorgeous black lace overlay skirt for $15 and a great Ralph Lauren stretch tee shirt (black of course 🙂 )for $10.

I hope that the pictures do this shop justice because it has definitely made may top ten and I don’t ever see it falling off the list.

So I must tell you if traveling to Long Beach Island in New Jersey, you must stop at Coastal Consignment! It was a GREAT shopping experience. 🙂

Coastal Consignment & Salvage Co.
511 North Bay Avenue
Beach Haven, New Jersey 08008
Mon, Tues, Wed and Sunday – 10am-5pm
Thurs, Fri and Sat – 10am-7pm

A note about summer months – for the smaller thrift shops, always call first as most of the those shops close or have shortened hours during July and August (especially those affiliated with churches/houses of worship).

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!

Using Facebook For Buying And Selling — July 8, 2015

Using Facebook For Buying And Selling

Did you know that you can buy and sell your “stuff” on Facebook? Facebook has dedicated groups if you are looking to buy, sell or are “in search of” (ISO). Most groups are geographically based such as Yorktown Mom’s, Bronx Yard Sale, Westchester and Putnam, etc. The groups can contain dozens, hundreds or even thousands of members. Some groups are public which means that anyone on Facebook can join and see who is in the group, the group description and what members post. You can also be invited to join by a member of the group. A closed group is where anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member and the only difference from above is that only members from the group can see postings from the group. There are also “secret” groups. Anyone can join a secret group but they have to be added or invited by a member and only current and former members can see who is in the group and what members are posting.

There is an admin(s) who runs the page and approves if you can join the group. Only an admin can change the privacy settings for the group.

How do I join a group? Go to the group you want to be part of and then click Join Group in the top-right corner. Or if you see a group on a friend’s page, you can click on the group.

The great thing about Facebook groups is that for the most part, prices are negotiable. I must warn you that one of the drawbacks is that, occasionally someone is trying to get over or not being honest about their merchandise. That is where the admins come in, the great ones do not tolerate any nonsense or bs and they call out people for their “games”. Most pages also have a set of rules that they expect you to adhere to if you are joining their group. Admins are not paid so they have less tolerance for drama and I don’t blame them. Most admins will post general “rules” for joining their group. One in most groups is that you are contacted in the order that the buyer received the post or message. Things along those lines — one thing that does disturb me is that sometimes people post rather nasty comments when a sale or purchase does not go the way they intended or if they disagree with a price – folks – no need to be rude or nasty – just keep it moving – life is too short. Will what is upsetting you matter in a month or two, I doubt it.

Some of the Facebook groups local to the Bronx area that I belong to are:

Westchester Tag sales
Bronx Yard Sale
Stamford’s Treasures & Tag Sale
Westchester Yard Sale
Bedford Yard Sales
Northern Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess Yard Sale

photo (26)
image1 (2)
photo 2 (9)

Above are some of the items that I have posted on Facebook for sale. I have sold many items on Facebook with no issues whatsoever!

One of the issues I have noticed is regarding designer handbags. I have seen a knockoffs attempted to be sold as authentic. Also, please remember it is illegal to sell knockoffs on the internet so buyers and sellers beware. Authenticity can be confirmed with a receipt in most instances. One major helpful tip I can give you is beware of anyone who has just created a personal Facebook page to sell merchandise – that is one major RED FLAG and one that should be taken seriously.


There is also a group that helps people in need in the Bronx & Westchester that you could join ☺:

Helping Friends In Need Bronx/Westchester — it is always great to help those in need.

I have many more options to tell you about buying and selling in the coming weeks!!

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!

A “Unique Boutique” On The Upper East Side — June 30, 2015

A “Unique Boutique” On The Upper East Side

Thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a low price. A larger philosophy permeates the act of thrifting which celebrates the recycling of formerly-owned items, finding new use and new love for vintage material goods which had been thrown out, and the thrill of imagining what the former life of the item was like. A zine called “Thrift Score”, published in the 1990s by Ms. Al Hoff, celebrated this lifestyle. Many “resale” shops pull their more interesting items from thrift stores and sell them at higher prices – the premium is because the “digging for gold” has already been done.

This is from – I just thought you would enjoy! 🙂

I always find thrifting much more fun when I am not on the hunt for a particular item. It is because I am going through most racks and I stumble upon pieces that I may have otherwise missed if on a specific hunt. I have also noticed that my wardrobe is becoming much more eclectic and fun because I am mixing traditional with funky or vintage when appropriate. I have received compliments on some of my outfits so it must be working :).


There is a “Unique Boutique” on the Upper East Side that is pleasantly nice. There is a good selection of men and women’s clothes, a decent book selection and the inventory seems to constantly change. They have some housewares and the good news is that they do use the color coded tag system so there are always sales. 🙂

IMG_0930 (1)

I enjoy this small shop because it is reasonably priced and if you are lucky enough to find items that you like and they are on sale, all the better. They have a great tee shirt section and if you are job hunting and need a suit, the suits are sensibly priced. The shoe selection is not bad and quite often, there are some new shoes on the rack for sale. (I think what happens with shoes is that us lovely ladies buy shoes and then have buyers regret or they are too tight, heel not right, etc. and it is not in the window of returning so we donate 🙂 which works out well for thrifters. 🙂

Unique Boutique
1674 Third Ave
New York, NY 10028
(between 93rd & 94th)
Mon-Fri: 11 AM- 7 PM
Sat: 10 AM-6 PM
Sun: 11 AM-5 PM

There are two Housing Works that are in the area that are worth a visit;


Housing Works
202 East 77th Street
New York, NY 10021
Mon-Fri: 11 AM- 7 PM
Sat: 10 AM-6 PM
Sun: 11 AM-5 PM
Closing at 5 pm on July 4th.

Housing Works (Yorkville)
1730 2nd Ave. (at 90th Street)
New York, NY 10128
Mon-Fri: 11 AM- 7 PM,
Sat: 10 AM-6 PM
Sun: 11AM – 5 PM
Closing at 5 pm on July 4th.


I must say that I favor the 90th Street location as they always seem to have a great inventory (both men’s and women’s) and the prices are reasonable. They seem to jam pack some great finds in this smaller space. I think that this is most definitely worth a visit. The 77th Street is also worth a visit.

I tried to capture the 77th Street  windows above – Housing Works does a great job on their windows.

Have a safe and wonderful July 4th holiday and until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Great Thrift And Consignment Shops In Greenwich, CT — May 14, 2015

Great Thrift And Consignment Shops In Greenwich, CT

Sy Syms said “An educated consumer is our best customer”. Very true words. When I go thrifting, I always try to check websites beforehand to see if they have sales posted. If not, as soon as I walk in, I ask what the sales are for the day and in my favorite shops, what day and time they restock. Some have seasonal sales and even clearance racks. And the never go wrong “fill a bag” sales which are starting to gain popularity. Also, if you find an item that you think is excessively priced, no harm is asking the manager if they would lower the price.

I must start with this fantastic thrift shop in Greenwich. It is the Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store and also a favorite of mine.


The first thing that you should do when you walk in is take a flyer; they are always, always having sales. The flyer shown is typical of the sales they have.

Price List

Everything about this store is fantastic – but be prepared to pay extra for this and of course the location. I think this shop in particular has some of the highest prices I have seen in CT — BUT the clothes are always in pristine condition as are most of the items in this shop so there is somewhat of a tradeoff. They do not have a excessive inventory of clothes but what they do have is high quality. And they are ALWAYS having sales so you may luck out. Any item of clothing that I have bought has never been a disappointment.

They have a great household section and I have seen some impressive items up for sale. I just happen to fall in love with these hurricane lamps mainly because the glass was thin and delicate and I had the perfect spot for them. Imagine my surprise to find out when picking up the bottom that they were Waterford. The two cost me $40 but like I said I did fall in love with them and I felt that they were worth the price. I am sure they cost triple what I paid.


The book section is impressive and one of the best I have seen and most days, hardcovers are $2.00 and paperbacks are $1.00 but every single time I have been there the books are half off. The book section is well organized with a phenomenal selection or at least it has been whenever I was there. There are some recent releases. They also carry vinyl records and audio books.

The linen/decor section is nice as well. I have seen some lovely draperies, pillows,comforters in there and the quality is almost always outstanding.

Now for their furniture – good selection but again, like most furniture in thrift shops, it disappears rather quickly and especially here. I have seen some outstanding antiques there. I have also seen dining room tables, chairs, hutches, buffets, you name it and I do not think the prices were unreasonable considering the condition these pieces were in and it is always high quality.

Lastly, the most expensive accessories, designer shoes and handbags and housewares are kept behind the counter and worth a look, I have seen some pretty incredible things back there (not just anything I am willing to sell a kidney for 🙂 just yet.)

Greenwich Auxiliary Thrift Shop
190 Hamilton Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Parking is available on premises
Mon-Fri: 9am-4:30pm
Sat: 9am-3pm

There are a couple more thrift stores in Greenwich that are nice but you should check out the Rummage Room.

rummage room 2

The Rummage Room started as an annual rummage sale in 1964 at the First Congregational Church of Greenwich. The event was so successful it was transformed into a business. The Woman’s Fellowship of the First Congregational Church operates the Rummage Room to help numerous local, national and international charities. This includes Food Bank, Kids In Crisis, Boys and Girls Club, Visiting Nurse, Family Re-Entry, YWCA Domestic Abuse, Liberation Meridian, Bowery Women’s Shelter and so many, many more.

I found the Rummage Room to be delightful and fun to browse around. The prices are in tune for the area and the merchandise is plentiful and they have sales very often. The staff is extraordinary and I get the feeling there may be wiggle room on large items.

The ladies clothes range from average to designer and there is decent men’s section and lots of kids clothes. PLUS 🙂  they have fill a bag sales twice a year!!!

I like the way it is set up as well. There is some vintage is around and it is just generally a fun place to browse and you will always find something there. Plus they have previously won awards for their window displays which are always lovely.

The Rummage Room
191 Sound Beach Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870
Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: 10am-1pm
**JULY – check for summer hours
**August – closed to clean, paint and restock

If you are looking for high end,fancy shmancy, uber elegant 🙂 designer duds — there is a consignment shop in Greenwich called Second Time Around.

It’s a chain of upscale consignment shops that buys lightly used clothing from shoppers and then sells it at 30 to 40 percent off the original retail value. They have 41 locations in 12 states now, including stores in New York, Washington, D.C., and New Hampshire and of course, Greenwich.

Second Time Around
6 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

17th St in NYC and some vintage! — April 20, 2015

17th St in NYC and some vintage!

Welcome back!

While doing my spring cleaning I looked at my “finds” and I realized that I have a few top quality pieces that I otherwise would not have had but for my “eagle eye” in thrift stores.

I have been to some thrift stores where I gasp at the prices and I walk into some thrift stores and do a little victory dance 🙂 it all depends on how you look at it. Me personally, I do not need a Dolce and Gabbana tee-shirt that is normally $275 for $39 – but for some, that is their spectacular buy and I get it and totally respect it. 🙂

At the Goodwill in New Rochelle I talked about in my last post, I bought a Tory Burch summer dress for $29.99  (not on sale) – it wasn’t because it was Tory Burch but rather black which is my favorite clothing color (I know, I know) and it fit perfectly. But I think it had more to do with luck — they had just restocked the racks a couple of hours earlier. Please don’t be discouraged by this, you will find some great buys just not every trip. I tend to stick with familiar brands that are a good fit rather than “label” shopping. And you never know, you might find that extraordinary piece or label you always wanted while looking.


You can spend days and days in the city going to all the “major” thrift shops let alone some smaller ones that aren’t even on the radar yet.  I have always found the city thrift shops although pricier have a much wider variety of style and fashion trends. If vintage is your niche, the city is the place to find the best selection of vintage whether through thrift, consignment or vintage stores. Vintage stores like Screaming Mimi’s, No Relation Vintage and Vice Versa are all absolutely amazing and I think three of the TOP RATED vintage stores in the city. I promise any one of these stores will be a shopping experience you will thoroughly enjoy.


Screaming Mimi’s
382 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10003
Monday-Saturday 12-8pm
Sunday 1-7pm

Vice Versa
241 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, New York
Monday-Thursday 1-8pm
Friday-Saturday 12-10pm
Sunday 12-8pm

No Relation Vintage
204 First Ave.
New York, NY 10009
Sunday-Thursday 12-8pm
Friday-Saturday 12-9pm

Please note that Vice Versa and No Relation have multiple locations.

I digressed but I do hope that you enjoy this information.

I thought about how I will handle all the thrift shops in the city and I thought that geographically would be best. After all, if I tell you about Angel Street (which I will today) I should also focus on the thrift stores in the near vicinity.

About Angel Street, the proceeds benefit the innovative programs of the Lower East Side Service Center. The LESC is dedicated to improving the lives individuals and families affected by substance abuse, HIV/Aids and mental illness. Kudos to Angel Street. I enjoy telling you who benefits from the proceeds of thrift stores so you know who are ultimately helping. 🙂


Angel Street is one of my favorite thrift shops in the city. I find the BEST accessories in Angel Street. They have such a great selection and all reasonably priced. They have headbands (I use them to cover the greys 🙂 in between salon appts), earrings, necklaces, brooches, hair pins, you name it.  They have great furniture and home décor but it never ever lasts very long. The clothes are little pricey but all great brands and good quality and a respectable selection. They have shoes and handbags but again, the items in Angel Street have a generally short “shelf life” so if you fall in love with something, buy it.  It is just so much fun to browse around Angel Street; it is definitely worth a visit and the selections will be different each time.

Angel Street Thrift Shop
118 West 17th Street
New York, NY 10111
Monday-Friday: 11AM-7PM
Saturday: 10AM-7PM
Sunday: 12–5PM


Housing Works is another great thrift shop. There are numerous Housing Works scattered throughout the city. They have a Bookstore Café downtown that is such a fun place to go alone or meet friends. It is a NYC institution. In Brooklyn, the have a $25  “BUY THE BAG” shop (we all know how much I love this type of sale) and it is known as “thrifters paradise”. I will treat each Housing Works separately as each has its own “personality”.  This is another organization supporting those in need.

The mission statement — Housing Works is a healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts.

This particular Housing Works that I am addressing is right down the block from Angel Street and another not to be missed. It has a lot in common with Angel Street in that most items have a very short shelf life. I absolutely love their jewelry selection. I bought a pretty crystal necklace for $19.99 last year and I always get compliments when I wear it. I am sure that it is worth triple what I paid. Because both these shops are popular and there is a lot of foot traffic so the shelves/racks are constantly being replenished. I can guarantee that every visit will have all new selections. The furniture barely gets there before a “sold” sticker is slapped on. The clothes fly off the shelves and the housewares/books disappear as fast.  It is worth going just to experience. FYI – The window items are only available through auction.


Housing Works
157 East 23rd St.
York, NY 10010
Mon-Fri: 10 AM- 7 PM,
Sat: 10AM-6PM,
Sun: 12-6PM

I will tell you all about 23rd St in my next blog – so many options – all good!

So until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!

Even more thoughts, Goodwill in New Rochelle – now CLOSED :( and an upcoming sale! — April 12, 2015

Even more thoughts, Goodwill in New Rochelle – now CLOSED :( and an upcoming sale!

Welcome back!

I have to tell you that I envy people who can sew; the thrift shop world is their oyster. I can do minor repairs but hems and sleeves, you do not want to see my handiwork. Finding a tailor that does quality work while not charging an arm and a leg, now that requires research.

One thing to take into consideration is that if you find a suit, dress, jeans, etc. and it is a good bargain or a brand you love, is it worth the price of alterations? That is when having a general idea of your tailor’s prices comes in handy. I have seen many a suit on a rack with tags on them but by the time you have the sleeves tailored and the skirt or pants hemmed, you might find a brand new suit of the same quality with a comparable price at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. So always take alterations into consideration when making a purchase like this.

Since shows where resellers are showcased became so popular, you have quite a few amateur and professional resellers out there. You will notice them with their phones and tablets looking up items and taking pictures of items. I totally understand that everyone has to make a living and I respect that but unfortunately, this is another reason why thrift store prices are going up. Thrift stores are now doing research on their items and charging a higher price. They check eBay, Tradesy, etc. and see what an item is going for and price it accordingly. What does irk me is when a reseller tries to get an item for next to nothing at a CHARITY thrift store to sell for profit. Oh well!

I have found that I get those RARE buys of a lifetime because I just happened to fall in love with an item and is reasonably priced and later on, when researching it out of curiosity; I realize what a score I made. I once bought a unique red vase at a yard sale in CT for $5 (I did not even bargain) only to find out it is a Orrefors vase worth $175. I put some eucalyptus in it and every time I look at it, I smile at my rather spectacular find. 🙂


Now I will get to Goodwill. I love Goodwill, who doesn’t. Goodwill even has a rewards program so make sure you sign up for it. My most favorite Goodwill of all time is in Connecticut but I am not ready to divulge my best kept secret yet. 🙂

The best part of Goodwill is that they help people in need go forward with their lives. They also have an outstanding array of services for veterans. They help people with all types of disabilities gain employment through specialized programs. And if you know me, any organization that helps individuals with developmental, intellectual and other disabilities have a better quality of life, they will hold a special place in my heart now and always.

I will treat each Goodwill store separately as they each have their own distinct personality and specialties in my opinion. And now….drumroll….today, I will tell you all about a particular Goodwill; this one is in New Rochelle.

Goodwill Store and Attended Donation Center

Shoprite Plaza

8 Joyce Road

New Rochelle, NY


Monday-Wednesday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Thursday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Sunday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.


Every week this Goodwill posts a “color” of the week and all items with that color are 50% off. The best thing about this Goodwill is SUNDAY because Sunday is a two color day. They let you purchase items from the previous week’s color AND the new color that is posted on Sunday morning. So on Sunday, you have a greater chance of scoring some great items at an even lower price. Not all Goodwill stores use the color policy.

If I go on Sunday, I usually start in the dress section because this Goodwill fluctuates quite a bit on dress prices leaning to a bit higher than other Goodwill stores – so Sunday is the day I buy dresses. They have men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and quite a selection with most reasonably priced. Their housewares section is very good although occasionally there are some broken items on the shelves so buyers beware – I don’t want anyone getting hurt. They have some good home décor as well and some furniture. Always check the front window display and near the cash register for they tend to “show off” the better quality buys. I like this Goodwill and you will see the resellers there especially in the housewares section.

And don’t forget it is a donation center as well (side door) so clean that closet out with the old so you can bring in the new — you will be helping a worthy cause! 🙂 

PSA – you will love me for this one! 

I must, must tell you about a sale that will be coming up in September. I know that it is early but it is probably by far the best attic/rummage sale that I have ever been to EVER!

The Irvington Presbyterian Church in Irvington, New York (Westchester County) will have their annual ATTIC SALE OUTREACH on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12. I believe that it begins at 10 am each day but I will of course confirm all the details as it gets closer. It is not a far drive from the city and Irvington is quite a lovely town to visit with lots of history and great restaurants.

The best part of this sale is that since 2000, over $200,00 has been donated to local, regional, national and global organizations, way too many to mention but when I get the flyer, I will post.

This sale is for anyone who loves rummage sales. They have rooms and rooms of clothing, household, antiques, costume jewelry, books, holiday decorations, you name it — It is so unbelievable, they have rooms designated just for women’s, men’s and kid’s clothes. They use the outside with tents for furniture and larger household items.

This sale is so popular that they use the school across the street for parking. I don’t ever remember going to a rummage sale and thinking, I may not get to see everything in a couple of hours. You go from room to room and just keeping finding bargain after bargain. Last year I found a Max Studio dress for $8, a gorgeous vase for $4, a cardigan for $3, too many books to mention. The book selection is the BEST I have ever seen at a sale like this. The pictures do not do the cardigan or dress justice.



I am sure that they have the best SELECTION on Friday but the best prices are on SATURDAY. I went on Saturday afternoon and they were anxious to sell, sell, sell and I was anxious to buy, buy, buy.

So until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Toni’s Thoughts on Thrift Shopping (And The Beginning of Her Dream Blog) — March 29, 2015

Toni’s Thoughts on Thrift Shopping (And The Beginning of Her Dream Blog)

Welcome to my blog on thrift shopping. I have been dreaming about writing this blog for a very, very long time and I am excited to finally be starting it. Please bear with me as I am new to blogging so this will be a learning experiece. Thanks in advance.

I thoroughly enjoy shopping in thrift stores. I have spent countless hours in numerous Goodwill, Salvation Army, and many, many other various thrift shops and consignment shops (although I do favor the thrift shop over the consignment shop).

The thrill of finding that little black dress that I otherwise would never have been able to afford and those occasional trendy pieces that I normally would never even think of purchasing are pure enjoyment to me (yes, one of life’s pleasures for me). There are so many things that I have learned from my countless excursions and from talking to other “thrifters”. I will never claim to be an expert; just an overenthusiastic thrift shopper who loves learning how to get the best buys. I hope that you enjoy my blog and find some interesting bits of information that you can use.

In later blogs, I will share my favorite thrift shops with you but for now, I hope to share some useful information with you.

Thrift shopping has changed over the last few years due to the recession. More and more people are using consignment shops for their designer clothing and accessories so that has cut into thrift shopping quite a bit. Also, websites like Tradesy ( are making it easy to buy and sell designer clothes and handbags at competitive consignment prices. Not to mention Facebook has many groups in your area where you can buy and sell clothes, accessories, household and many other items online. Times are tough for many and people are looking to make some extra money to help with the bills, that is totally understandable. But don’t worry; there are still plenty of bargains to find and plenty of places to find them.

I have visited countless places in Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester County and lower Connecticut. I will try and include websites and addresses/phone numbers wherever possible.

The first thing that I must emphasize is that you cannot go thrift shopping in a rush. Patience is the key and the most important factor when thrift shopping. You must take the time to look and most importantly, inspect, inspect and inspect again. You can find an amazing piece of clothing but if it has a stain that won’t come out or a tear that can’t be repaired, it is just wasted money and then you are defeating the purpose. The same goes for household, what might look good from far away may have chips or cracks that can’t be repaired and wont look good on that shelf/furniture in your home. The dish set in the box may say eight dishes but upon inspecting the contents, you find mismatched pieces. I have found some pretty spectacular home furnishings and décor in my travels and the best part is that most of them are unusual and end up being conversation pieces.

While in a thrift store in Connecticut, I learned the best piece of advice from another shopper. She and her husband went through the departments/racks that they were interested in and then pulled the clothes that they were considering and put them in a shopping cart. They then went to the back of the store in a quiet corner and inspected and I mean thoroughly inspected each piece of clothing to make sure that it was in good shape and worth the asking price. What impressed me most was the fact that her husband helped and really seemed to be into it. They were both happy and animated when they were talking to me and eager to share their thoughts. I wish that I got their names; they definitely deserve a shout out and lots of thanks.

You must also be open-minded. You are not going to find items that you like every time but you can use the time to find out which stores are carrying things that are in “tune” with your life and style. You pretty much know what name brands fit you well and look good and that also makes it easier when thrift shopping.

Much more to share so until next time!

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