There are a lot people who hold the New Rochelle Humane Society Thrift Shop near and dear to their heart. I completely understand and you can tell from the exorbitant amount of donations they receive. The fact is that the New Rochelle Humane Society services over 19 communities in Westchester County and rescues over 500 dogs and 900 cats a year. They provide loving care to animals that have been lost, abandoned, injured, and mistreated. What a phenomenal organization and what uplifting work — I have nothing but respect for this organization.

Upon first glance, this shop looks stuffed to the gills and then after looking around you realize that it is and just overflowing with bargain after bargain 🙂 (loving making things so positive). And this store does everything in its power to keep those shelves and racks bursting with goodies. (They do excel at this) 🙂


This shop can definitely double or even triple its space easily just to hold the donations they have on hand alone. The quality of clothing donations is mostly good but with patience, there are some great high quality pieces. You will find lots of jeans, tee shirts, shoes and casual wear with an extensive houseware section that you would normally see in a much larger store. They carry men, women and children’s clothing so there is a lot to go through Where the real treasures are when you first walk into the store to the right side sits some fabulous home décor, pictures and almost new or brand new items.









I have seen some stunning artwork, exquisite candle holders and so many other wonderful decor just waiting for a new home 🙂 .

The shop has been under new management for some time and Donna really puts her heart and soul into the shop and she is more than fair in her pricing.

Patience is the key in this shop!!!!!

Humane Society of New Rochelle Thrift Shop
54 Centre Street
New Rochelle, NY
11am – 3:30pm – Tuesday thru Friday
10am – 4pm – Saturday
(914) 336-1207

There is municipal parking on Huguenot Street and Centre Street but don’t forget – you have to feed the meters.

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!!!