This Goodwill is compact but most definitely loaded with value. It is boutique style and it feels like every item in the store was hand-picked. I absolutely loved going through the racks and found a Boston Proper sequined top (with the tags still on) for $7.99. I am sure new it was at least $79.00 and even if it was on sale, it was still $39 or $49. They also had a good variety of sizes which is always wonderful. The selection of blouses was just right and very weather appropriate. Of course high end designer wear was appropriately priced.


I thought the dress selections were great especially the evening wear. The only downfall I see in this store is the two dressing rooms on the first floor which can cause an occasional line.

The store was packed when I was there so the turnover of merchandise must be excellent. They carry TOP designers and I was especially impressed with their jean selection. Top quality jeans and they started at $9.99. Plus remember that if you get the tag color of the day, it is discounted so that is always something to look forward to.

On the stairs leading up to the men’s department, household items were strategically displayed – artwork, candle holders, all the usual merchandise that Goodwill would carry and again, the displays were very well done.

Upstairs there was the men’s section which had a fine array of brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole to name a few of the brands. They carried everything from shirts, pants, jeans, sweaters, tee shirts and shorts. There was a great variety too and the prices above average for the merchandise they carried.


As with ALL thrift shopping, patience is the key. But I would definitely say that this Goodwill is a gem!


Upper West Side

157 West 72nd St

New York, NY 10069



Monday through Saturday             9 am – 9 pm

Sunday                                                 10 am – 8 pm

Until next time, Happy Shopping!!