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Fabulous Fashions and Consignments in Oxford, CT – what a wonderful surprise! — September 25, 2018

Fabulous Fashions and Consignments in Oxford, CT – what a wonderful surprise!

I came across Fabulous Fashions and Consignments in Oxford, Connecticut while I was on my way to visit family — what a wonderful surprise it was. It is stores like this that always surprise me the most. Jam packed with women’s clothing and accessories and a huge kitchen in the back filled with household goods. Great selections with plenty of good quality vintage. Actually the vintage pieces that I looked at were exceptional and priced accordingly. The day I was there, I came across some excellent sales. Summer shoes were $3.00, shorts and capris starting at $1.00, and dresses for $5.00. They carry the better labels in women’s clothing and all sizes including plus sizes. They have an extensive accessories department and one well worth visiting if you are in that area. The handbag selections were abundant and priced to sell.




I absolutely loved the jewelry selection.


I look forward to my next trip to see all their Fall fashions.

If you are in the area, I highly recommend!

Fabulous Fashions and Consignment
23 Oxford Rd., (Rte. 67)
Oxford, Connecticut 06478
(203) 828-6222

Tuesday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday& Sunday 9 am – 3 pm

Something Special Vintage Thrift in Wilton, CT – WOW! — January 16, 2018

Something Special Vintage Thrift in Wilton, CT – WOW!

When I first walked into Something Special Vintage Thrift Store for Our Lady of Fatima School I thought wow – it was worth the one hour drive! Something Special Vintage Thrift Shop is a hidden Wilton gem, tucked away in a white house behind Our Lady of Fatima School. They carry a fabulous collection of vintage and antique finds and at prices that are rock bottom.

In one cabinet in the second room, they had large pieces of matelassé designer quality fabric for $5.00 per piece– one piece had to be at least two yards! If I ever have seat cushions to reupholster, I will come here first for the fabric. In a curio cabinet in the front was a Lladró six inch bride and groom figurine that sold for $6.00 right in front of me – when Something Special says that they price things to sell fast, they are not kidding! What completely blew me away was a record cabinet that was in the front room that was spectacular. After checking it out, all it really needed was a new plug and a little polish and it would look even more amazing! And wait for it….. the price was $25.00. Can you believe it?? Look at the pictures. (I doubt it is still there sadly.)

IMG_0646 (1)

I found a bookshelf that I was quite happy with – what I was ecstatic about was that it was all wood and $15.00. I have included the before and after pictures.

IMG_0650 (1)
At Something Special
At Home


If you are redecorating or just want to spruce up a room, this is definitely a place that you would want to stop in if you are in the Wilton, CT area – I personally think it is worth traveling to.

From their Facebook page:

“It is an artistic inspiration for the decorators of today and the artists of tomorrow. If you are looking for something in particular, we can help you find it. All proceeds go towards education for the kids.”

The Something Special is only open on Saturday and Sundays from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm. It is a volunteer-run thrift shop, where 100-percent of the proceeds benefit The OLF School.

IMG_0654 (1)

Something Special Vintage Thrift
225 Danbury Road
Something Special is located up the drive on the south side of the Our Lady of Fatima School at 225 Danbury Road in Wilton, CT.
Wilton, CT
(203) 762-8100
Hours are Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Steinway Thrift Shop – a little patience goes a long way — September 12, 2017

Steinway Thrift Shop – a little patience goes a long way

Steinway Thrift Shop looks like your run of the mill thrift shop but what makes it stand out is that if you have the patience, you can walk out with some real gems here. I noticed a few designer samples pieces which were pretty cool. Maybe I am just an eternal optimist but I always find something that makes me fall in love with thrifting all over again. I found a Neiman Marcus sweater for $9.99 which I swooped up.


What I do find in this instance is that if you go through the racks of items that interest you, there is more of a shot of finding something that you like. The day I went, I decided I was only going to look through the sweaters because it has been chilly in the office and I ended up finding the ideal sweater. But of course, if you have oodles of time and you can go through all the racks, then have fun :).  I briefly checked out the men’s department and it was not bad at all, lots of Dockers, Banana Republic, Gap and all the usual men’s labels.

Steinway Thrift carries some vintage, lots of shoes, pants, suits and dresses for women and I think the store is in a very hipster area and perfect for the people who want to carve out their own style. You can have a blast with the vintage or near vintage and even throw in some preppy pieces.


The window displays show all the antiques and some unique decor that you just might like!


If you are in the neighborhood, I suggest you stop in, you just never know what you might find.

Steinway Thrift Shop

2588 Steinway Street

Astoria, NY 11103


Monday thru Saturday 10 am – 8 pm

Closed on Sundays.

Until next time, Happy Shopping!!

Hudson Street in the West Village has one of NYC’s best thrift shops! — August 29, 2017

Hudson Street in the West Village has one of NYC’s best thrift shops!

Tucked away on Hudson Street in the West Village is by far, one of the best thrift shops in New York City. I feel exceptionally confident making this statement. This place is PHENOMENAL – the selections are top-notch and high quality. The prices may be higher than some other thrift shops but I can assure you, you are getting exceptional merchandise. They have a section called the “Posh Tree” where they have top designer merchandise for women  – the great thing about this section is that they rotate onto the “regular” racks after a certain amount of time so you will see some pretty cool offerings in both sections.  The men’s section is well above average and there is definitely a great selection of suits and shirts. The household items and home décor are placed all around the store and are pretty standard for thrift shops with a very good amount of standouts. The jewelry selection is very eclectic and fun to go through. The accessories are extraordinary and not to be missed even if just browsing. Tom Ford. Louis Vuitton, Gucci are just a few names I came across.


On the Saturday when I went, it was half off clothing so I was able to get a Michael Kors poncho top for $12, a bedazzled tunic for $9 and a gorgeous scarf for $9. Now I see on their Facebook page that on Saturday, September 9th they are having their End of Season Bag Sale. Fill a bag with clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, hats….all for $25. PLUS SPECIAL ONE DAY ONLY : ALL JEWELRY HALF PRICE – this is one sale that I promise I will not miss.  Filling a bag with this kind of merchandise will be an absolute pleasure and one of the reasons why I love thrift shopping.


Overall, this is definitely in my top five thrift shops of all time.


All proceeds from purchases at St. Luke’s Thrift Shop help to support St. Luke’s community service programs.  Please read about St. Luke’s rich history on the website.

St. Luke’s Thrift Shop

The Church of Saint Luke in the Fields

487 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014

(212) 924-9364


Monday – Friday              11am – 6pm

Saturday                              10am – 6pm

Sunday                                 CLOSED

Until next time, Happy Shopping!!

Vintage Thrift East – A Definite Favorite and Must See! — June 5, 2017

Vintage Thrift East – A Definite Favorite and Must See!

Vintage Thrift East is a must visit. They have such a wide array of women’s clothes along with shoes, accessories, housewares and more. The store setup is spectacular and the displays are eye catching. There is so much to love about this shop especially how organized it is. The clothes are in excellent condition and priced accordingly (translation reasonable). If you like to create your own style, this is the place to shop because there they have such an eclectic selection of clothing especially in the women’s section.

I was impressed with the setup of the housewares section. I actually saw quite a few gift quality platters and dishes and vintage serve ware which was quite nice.


The window displays are striking but the pleasant surprise is that the there is much more “window quality” pieces when you continue to browse.


The men’s section is not as extensive as the women’s but certainly worth a look.

There is just so much to this store; it is going to require a few return trips 🙂

Vintage Thrift proceeds benefit the United Jewish Council of the East Side which is another good reason to shop there. Of course, donations are tax deductible.



286 Third Avenue, between 22 & 23 Streets

(212) 871-0777

SUN: 11:00-7:00

MON- THU: 10:30-8:00

FRI: 10:30-sunset

SAT: closed

Until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!

AS SEEN ON HGTV – Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT — August 17, 2016

AS SEEN ON HGTV – Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT

There are all different kinds of buyers at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea market in New Milford, CT. There are the super-early bird buyers who go in at 4:45 am for a $40 admission price. Then there are the early bird buyers who can start their treasure hunting experience by 5:45 a.m. and up until 7 a.m. for a $20 admission. And last but not least, there is lil ole me and anyone who waltzed in just after 7 for a $2.00 admission fee.


Elephant Trunk’s Flea Market has gained enormous popularity after appearing in many episodes of “Flea Market Flip” with Lara Spencer on HGTV. I definitely understand why people would pay to get in early, this place is paradise for anyone who loves flea markets and/ or if you are looking for some DIY projects and need some items to start. This is a great place to find something simple and turn it into something spectacular or just find something unique.


There are some really amazing food trucks. I heard the mini donuts should not be missed. There is quite a bit to choose from – anywhere from breakfast foods and sandwiches to lunchtime hamburgers, hotdogs and they have lots of sweets for those with a sweet tooth.

This place has anything and everything you can think of when it comes to vintage merchandise. They have tons of furniture that you can easily bring home and transform into a unique masterpiece. They have furniture that can just be brought home and placed in a special spot all ready to be enjoyed. They have vintage jewelry, handbags, clothing, signs, home décor, coins, shoes, kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories, chairs, rockers, lamps, clocks, planters, toys, collectibles, and so, so much more. This place is definitely a treasure hunter’s paradise. And just as an added plus, all vendors are eager to sell for a reasonable price so don’t be afraid to speak up if you want something, vendors are willing to bargain. Also, please note that because the vendors are there so early, some start packing up early too. I suggest you get there early to have the whole experience (and make sure you get some decent parking). Things start packing up around 2 p.m. when they stop charging admission. Also, bring cash otherwise you might lose out on a great buy!

I hope that the pictures help you understand just what a great experience this is or just tune into HGTV and catch an episode of “Flea Market Flip” that takes place at Elephant’s Trunk and all the treasures that you can find.

They are open on Sundays from April through December and have over 500 vendors.

490 Danbury Rd
New Milford, CT 06776
Phone number (860) 355-1448


Treasure Trove Vintage Antiques and Thrift – New and Improved at New Location — January 6, 2016

Treasure Trove Vintage Antiques and Thrift – New and Improved at New Location

Treasure Trove Vintage Antiques & Thrift has moved. Its new location is at 115 N. McQuestern Highway in Mount Vernon. It is new, improved, and better than ever. It also has an INDOOR FLEA MARKET next door (Saturdays 10am – 6pm and Sundays 10am – 4 pm – call first to confirm if it will be open). Treasure Trove has multiple rooms, one better than the other. They took the best of their merchandise for the new space. I always liked Treasure Trove but I must commend them on the layout in the new location – it is very well done. I found the merchandise above average. They had quite a bit of furniture, in good condition, and priced to sell.


I was quite impressed with the art work and the fact that they also have a whole room dedicated to it. I went through each and every piece and there were quite a few keepers there. They were a few New York and Brooklyn Bridge prints which I know are very popular right now. PLEASE do not forget to check out the walls of the shop, some of their best art work is displayed there.


They had some wonderful decorative accents, many of which I fell in love with and need to make a return trip for (plus there were two prints I fell in love with).

They also had rooms of kitchen accessories, art, home décor, kid’s clothes, men and women’s clothes plus so much more.

I think that the pictures I took will tell the best story of the “new” Treasure Trove. This is definitely worth a trip.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year and until next time, Happy Shopping!!

Treasure Trove Vintage Antiques & Thrift

115 N MacQuesten Pkwy,

Mount Vernon, NY 10550
(914) 612-3215


Mon3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Tue10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Wed10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Thu10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Fri10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Sat10:00 am – 6:00 pm
This “Unique Boutique” Is On Third Avenue and 29th Street — July 23, 2015

This “Unique Boutique” Is On Third Avenue and 29th Street

There is another “Unique Boutique” but this one is in Chelsea and what fun it is. I had previously written about this shop very briefly in Chapter 5 but I thought this shop worthy of going into more depth. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it had quite a few customers perusing the racks and bookshelves. Like the other Unique Boutique on the Upper East Side, this one has quite a bit to offer. If you have the patience, there are some really great finds. And what is the crème de la crème is that there is a Tasti-D-Lite less than a block away. Life doesn’t get much better for me than finding some really great deals at a thrift store 🙂 and then having some of my most favorite frozen yogurt!

IMG_1054 (1)

There are racks and racks of ladies and men’s clothing with quite the selection. And they have the color coded tag sales so Sunday orange tags were 50% off. I saw all good quality clothes with a wide variety of style and fashion. There was a Michael Kors dress that literally needed maybe 6-8 stitches on a seam marked down to 12.99. They had a very nice dress selection along with a good selection of jeans, skirts and shoes. They had summer clothes in abundance.

IMG_1045 (4)

The bookshelves are packed and they must have a really good selection, a gentleman had a pile of 8 hardcovers and they were going for $2.00 each and he seemed to be thrilled with his selections and he told me he was only half way done going through the shelves.


The only issue I had was that the men’s suits seem to be priced on the high side; I saw a generic non-label suit that was $54.99 which I thought was a bit overpriced.

I must also mention that the people that run this shop are so nice and professional and ever so helpful.


There are so many great thrift stores in this area; you can spend a whole day in this area visiting them all and enjoy each and every one.

Unique Boutique
402 Third Ave. (between 28 & 29)
New York, NY 10128
Mon- Sat -10am-9pm
Sunday -11am-8pm

I hope that you are enjoying your summer and until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!

Mount Vernon Has A Treasure Trove And A Blue Door — June 2, 2015

Mount Vernon Has A Treasure Trove And A Blue Door

Westchester County is an oasis of thrift shops. From Pelham to Bedford to Tarrytown, up and down the Harlem and Hudson line, you will be delighted to find some of the most notable thrift shops. There are shops more spacious than New York City but equally as impressive as their NYC counterparts. The consignment stores are numerous as well and new ones are opening all the time. You can spend a day just hitting the shops in one or two towns alone and I highly doubt you would go home empty-handed. There are wonderful estate sales in Westchester County every weekend and I know I have come home with some amazing treasures from these sales. If nothing else, it is always enjoyable just to browse.

The focus of this chapter is Mount Vernon;

Some quick history on Mount Vernon– In 1850, a merchant tailor from New York City by the name of John Stevens set out to create a property that would help improve the condition of the working class in the city. To this end, he founded the Industrial Home Association No. 1 of New York which enrolled 1,017 due-paying members. This land went on to become the Village of Mount Vernon. It was then a part of the Town of Eastchester. The community was named after George Washington’s estate in Virginia. (Mt Vernon info from website.)

Treasure Trove’s Thrift Shop’s motto is “Where Lost and Hidden Gems Are Found”. I cannot understand for the life of me why Treasure Trove in Mount Vernon is not on everyone’s radar. They do have lots of gems. I understand that this place is off the beaten path, but on the upside it has tons of parking (which we all know can be a major issue at times in many places). The place is humongous; they have a couple of thousand feet of everything you can imagine not to mention the owners are incredibly nice.


Parents, if your kid is going to college, this is the place to find some great dorm room pieces and accessories. For those getting their first apartment, this is the place that you should go to get started –they carry so much and have so many options for your decor. If you are looking to change-up your home décor a little, they have quite the selection. They have racks and racks of clothing in the back and shoes as well.


This place should not be kept secret; it has quite a lot to offer – just check out the pictures.


Treasure Trove Thrift Shop
152 South Macquesten Parkway
Mount Vernon NY 10550
Tel. 914.612.3215
Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm

The next place up is The Blue Door Thrift Shop at the Community Church at the Circle. This shop hopes to provide a source for stretching the family clothing budget for people in the community. Proceeds from the shop provide a resource for church programs and maintenance.


It is a pleasant little shop and everyone that works there is so wonderful. They have mostly women’s clothes and some men’s and tons of books, CDs and videos. The housewares section is right when you walk in and there are some other things all along the back wall along with kitchen items. It really is worth browsing because you never know what you are going to find there from one week to the next.


They have 1/2 price Thursdays every week where selected items of a certain color will be half price. It is definitely worth shopping there on a Thursday.



The Community Church at the Circle will be holding a Flea Market on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at 7 East Lincoln Avenue, Mt. Vernon between the hours of 10:00am – 3:00 pm. There will be a wide selection of new and used crafts, jewelry, cosmetics and clothing. The event is in-doors. Admission is free and parking is available.

Tables are available for $25 for the day. Call 914.668.8989 for additional information.

The Blue Door
Community Church at the Circle
7 E Lincoln Ave
Mt Vernon, NY 10552
(914) 668-8989

I found this great website that I wanted to share with you; find garage sales, yard sales and estate sales in your area by viewing a map. Plan your next weekend bargain hunting trip on


Even more thoughts, Goodwill in New Rochelle – now CLOSED :( and an upcoming sale! — April 12, 2015

Even more thoughts, Goodwill in New Rochelle – now CLOSED :( and an upcoming sale!

Welcome back!

I have to tell you that I envy people who can sew; the thrift shop world is their oyster. I can do minor repairs but hems and sleeves, you do not want to see my handiwork. Finding a tailor that does quality work while not charging an arm and a leg, now that requires research.

One thing to take into consideration is that if you find a suit, dress, jeans, etc. and it is a good bargain or a brand you love, is it worth the price of alterations? That is when having a general idea of your tailor’s prices comes in handy. I have seen many a suit on a rack with tags on them but by the time you have the sleeves tailored and the skirt or pants hemmed, you might find a brand new suit of the same quality with a comparable price at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. So always take alterations into consideration when making a purchase like this.

Since shows where resellers are showcased became so popular, you have quite a few amateur and professional resellers out there. You will notice them with their phones and tablets looking up items and taking pictures of items. I totally understand that everyone has to make a living and I respect that but unfortunately, this is another reason why thrift store prices are going up. Thrift stores are now doing research on their items and charging a higher price. They check eBay, Tradesy, etc. and see what an item is going for and price it accordingly. What does irk me is when a reseller tries to get an item for next to nothing at a CHARITY thrift store to sell for profit. Oh well!

I have found that I get those RARE buys of a lifetime because I just happened to fall in love with an item and is reasonably priced and later on, when researching it out of curiosity; I realize what a score I made. I once bought a unique red vase at a yard sale in CT for $5 (I did not even bargain) only to find out it is a Orrefors vase worth $175. I put some eucalyptus in it and every time I look at it, I smile at my rather spectacular find. 🙂


Now I will get to Goodwill. I love Goodwill, who doesn’t. Goodwill even has a rewards program so make sure you sign up for it. My most favorite Goodwill of all time is in Connecticut but I am not ready to divulge my best kept secret yet. 🙂

The best part of Goodwill is that they help people in need go forward with their lives. They also have an outstanding array of services for veterans. They help people with all types of disabilities gain employment through specialized programs. And if you know me, any organization that helps individuals with developmental, intellectual and other disabilities have a better quality of life, they will hold a special place in my heart now and always.

I will treat each Goodwill store separately as they each have their own distinct personality and specialties in my opinion. And now….drumroll….today, I will tell you all about a particular Goodwill; this one is in New Rochelle.

Goodwill Store and Attended Donation Center

Shoprite Plaza

8 Joyce Road

New Rochelle, NY


Monday-Wednesday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Thursday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Sunday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m.


Every week this Goodwill posts a “color” of the week and all items with that color are 50% off. The best thing about this Goodwill is SUNDAY because Sunday is a two color day. They let you purchase items from the previous week’s color AND the new color that is posted on Sunday morning. So on Sunday, you have a greater chance of scoring some great items at an even lower price. Not all Goodwill stores use the color policy.

If I go on Sunday, I usually start in the dress section because this Goodwill fluctuates quite a bit on dress prices leaning to a bit higher than other Goodwill stores – so Sunday is the day I buy dresses. They have men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and quite a selection with most reasonably priced. Their housewares section is very good although occasionally there are some broken items on the shelves so buyers beware – I don’t want anyone getting hurt. They have some good home décor as well and some furniture. Always check the front window display and near the cash register for they tend to “show off” the better quality buys. I like this Goodwill and you will see the resellers there especially in the housewares section.

And don’t forget it is a donation center as well (side door) so clean that closet out with the old so you can bring in the new — you will be helping a worthy cause! 🙂 

PSA – you will love me for this one! 

I must, must tell you about a sale that will be coming up in September. I know that it is early but it is probably by far the best attic/rummage sale that I have ever been to EVER!

The Irvington Presbyterian Church in Irvington, New York (Westchester County) will have their annual ATTIC SALE OUTREACH on Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12. I believe that it begins at 10 am each day but I will of course confirm all the details as it gets closer. It is not a far drive from the city and Irvington is quite a lovely town to visit with lots of history and great restaurants.

The best part of this sale is that since 2000, over $200,00 has been donated to local, regional, national and global organizations, way too many to mention but when I get the flyer, I will post.

This sale is for anyone who loves rummage sales. They have rooms and rooms of clothing, household, antiques, costume jewelry, books, holiday decorations, you name it — It is so unbelievable, they have rooms designated just for women’s, men’s and kid’s clothes. They use the outside with tents for furniture and larger household items.

This sale is so popular that they use the school across the street for parking. I don’t ever remember going to a rummage sale and thinking, I may not get to see everything in a couple of hours. You go from room to room and just keeping finding bargain after bargain. Last year I found a Max Studio dress for $8, a gorgeous vase for $4, a cardigan for $3, too many books to mention. The book selection is the BEST I have ever seen at a sale like this. The pictures do not do the cardigan or dress justice.



I am sure that they have the best SELECTION on Friday but the best prices are on SATURDAY. I went on Saturday afternoon and they were anxious to sell, sell, sell and I was anxious to buy, buy, buy.

So until next time, HAPPY SHOPPING!!

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